The Forde Foundation


The Forde Foundation was established in August 2000...

"... for the relief of poverty, for the advancement of education, training or development, personal and social support, relief of sickness, suffering distress, general enhancement of social and economic wellbeing or for any other purposes beneficial to persons who have been wards of the State or under guardianship of the State or have been resident, as a child, in a Queensland institution."

So says the Deed of Trust between the Queensland Government and The Public Trustee of Queensland, the document which governs the Forde Foundation and its Board of Advice.

Establishing the Forde Foundation was one of the government's responses to Recommendation 39 of the final report of the Commission of Inquiry into Abuse of Children in Queensland Institutions, better known as The Forde Inquiry.

The Queensland Government has contributed $4.15 million to the Forde Foundation's Trust Fund since its inception. The income generated from the investment of this capital by The Public Trustee is distributed via a grants process to both individuals and to NGOs who support care leavers and, in particular, Forgotten Australians. 

Grant applications are assessed by the Forde Foundation Board of Advice but paid by The Public Trustee upon the Board's recommendations.

The Forde Foundation do not regard the grants as compensation but rather as a way of acknowledging the disadvantages many care leavers have had to overcome as a result of their childhood experiences, particularly the effects on education, employment, health and general wellbeing.








The Forde Inquiry
Recommendation 39

"That the Queensland Government and responsible religious authorities establish principles of compensation in dialogue with victims of institutional abuse and strike a balance between individual monetary compensation and provision of services."


In 2008, the Board of Advice and The Public Trustee commissioned a review of the Forde Foundation to improve the Forde Foundation’s sustainability in consultation with stakeholders.You can read a summary of the review here.