Support Services


The Forde Foundation works in collaboration with a number of organisations to support the needs of people who have left care. Referrals are often made to the following organisations who provide expert support and care. Feel free to contact the organisations yourself or contact us if you need some advice about the most appropriate service for your needs.

Lotus Place provides integrated peer support, advocacy, counselling and other support services to Forgotten Australians and Former Child Migrants. Their services include:

• an information resource centre and gateway
• personal and skills development opportunities and peer support activities
• individual advocacy and support to seek access to government and community services
• help to seek redress of past abuse through the criminal justice system , civil processes, or internal church or religious institutional processess
• help to obtain personal records, reconnect with family and trace your history
• support for regional peer networks and activities
• access to professional support and counselling services
• information and referral to other services

Telephone: (07) 3347 8500

Find and Connect provides access to family tracing and support services for Forgotten Australians and Former Child Migrants. Their services include:

•a website to help find records held by past care providers and government agencies
•a network of specialised search and support services to provide practical assistance and support
•counselling services from appropriately trained and skilled professionals

Telephone: 1800 161 109


Link-Up reunites Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people over the age of eighteen years who have experienced enforced separation from their families and communities through adoption, fostering, removal and institutionalisation. Their services include:

• assistance in locating family members
• financially assisted reunions
• counselling and support before, during and after reunions
• referrals to other support services
• access to Link-Up support groups

Telephone: 1800 200 855 or (07) 3638 0411


Post Adoption Support Queensland provides information, counselling and support to people affected by adoption in NSW, the ACT and Queensland. They support adoptees, birth parents, adoptive parents,siblings and partners. Their services include:

• individual counselling, family therapy, group counselling and telephone counselling
• assistance in accessing records held by hospitals, adoption service providers and government departments
• intermediary service to help people approach the person they have been searching for

Telephone: 1300 914 819 or (07) 3170 4600

The Child Migrants Trust provides a range of services aimed at reuniting Britain's former Child Migrants with their mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters and other relatives. Their services include:

• counselling and support for family reunions
• financially assisted reunions
• advice and assistance to obtain files from migrating agencies and government departments
• obtaining birth certificates
• support with citizenship applications

Telephone: 1800 040 509 or (03) 9815 2022

Other Services

Other organisations are working to advance the cause of care leavers through research, lobbying, networking and awareness raising.


AFA is a peak organisation which promotes the needs of Forgotten Australians through cooperative advocacy and projects.

Telephone: (02) 6273 4885


Care Leavers of Australia Network (CLAN) is an advocacy group for former state wards, people raised in children's homes, orphanages or other institutions and people who were in foster care. The network is also for family members of people who were placed in care.

Telephone: 1800 008 774 or (02) 9709 4520


The Historical Abuse Network (HAN) is a network of people who have experienced Abuse in Queensland institutions, foster care and detention centres. HAN was formed in 2000 and  provides an opportunity for ongoing citizen advocacy as a network, to have input into the government policies and programs which impact on the lives of people today as a consequence of their childhood.

Your participation and input into government policy and services that impacts on your life and on services is important. If you would like to attend meetings, or find out more about HAN, please contact Lotus Place on (07) 3347 8500.