Celebrating 20 years of the Forde Foundation

25 August 2020 – 20th Anniversary of the Forde Foundation

The Forde Foundation is proud to celebrate 20 years of improving the quality of life for Forgotten Australians and other care leavers. Established 20 years ago, with an investment of $4.15M from the Queensland Government, our small grants program helps to enhance the lives of people who suffered abuse or neglect in Queensland institutions. To download a copy of our 20th Anniversary 2-page document click on the link – Forde Foundation 20th Anniversary PDF.

“Today marks the 20th Anniversary of the Forde Foundation. We wanted to mark this occasion with a brief reflection on the role the Forde Foundation has played in supporting Forgotten Australians over the last twenty years. The Board is proud of the Foundation’s achievements, and it is remarkable to realise that since commencement there have been over 5,657 grants valued at $3.27 million.

In recent years it has been a challenging time, with increased pressure on the resources of the Foundation. The Board continues to look for ways to maximise the impact of the Foundation and stretch the support for Forgotten Australians.

Every week we are humbled with messages from grant recipients sharing stories of hope, and reminders of how the Forde Foundation continues to make a difference in the lives of some of the most vulnerable members of our community. I would like to acknowledge the early work of our Patron Ms Leneen Forde AC, and to everyone who supports the Foundation.

Most importantly thank you to our Forgotten Australians, whose courage and determination has left a lasting legacy. We honour you all.”

Mr Rob Ryan, Chair of the Forde Foundation Board of Advice.