Privacy Policy

Collection of personal information

In your application for a Forde Foundation grant, you may provide the Forde Foundation with personal information about yourself.


Use of personal Information

The Forde Foundation will use personal information for the primary purpose of assessing the applicant’s application for a Forde Foundation grant.

Without some or all of your information, the Forde Foundation may not be able to process your application.

If your application is unsuccessful, we may hold personal information we collect for our records. If your application is successful, we may hold personal information concerning the grant for our records.


Disclosure of personal information

We may disclose personal information for grant purposes, to the Public Trustee of Queensland.

The Forde Foundation may also disclose information to any person you authorise, for example, your social worker or advocate or your chosen legal firm who is acting on your behalf in relation to a civil action or Redress compensation claim.